A successful journey

From student consultant at Ants to Manager at Netsize:

”I first got in contact with Ants when I was studying in Uppsala University. A friend of mine got asked if she knew anyone who might be interested in working part time for a newly started IT support consultancy company (i.e. Ants). As a broke student this was highly interesting for me. I called the company my friend was approached by. That was a great introduction to the real work where I helped companies with many diverse set of tasks.

Before I left Uppsala and the world of studies I got an opportunity to get hired by a company where I would be part time hired by Ants. That time I turned down the offer. A few years went by and by chance I saw a newsletter from Ants in my inbox. They were looking for a developer for a large telecom company that I had previously been working with as a client. It started with one interview with Ants and after that there were two more interviews with the company. I was back as an Ants consultant.

Surviving the financial crisis I said farewell to Ants once again and got employed by the telecom company. This company turned out to be a fantastic company. I have been working among great people for many years and where I’ve learned a lot. In 2012 I excelled my career and was offered a Manager position in the company which I gladly accepted.

My relationship with Ants became full circle when I met one of the founders of Ants (Carl-Johan Hamilton) in the hallway just a few months ago. The same person who hired me as a student many years ago. We started talking and once again they have now helped me with consultancy, but this time from the other side of the table.”

Henrik Samils, September 2014.
Manager Interconnect Team at Netsize (Ants customer since February 2014).

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