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Aimo Park

Aimo Park – Rethink Parking

Aimo Park wants to develop and create innovative solutions to contribute to the future’s smart societies. In the last couple of years, they have developed products such as car charging stations, smooth payments, and of course different types of car services. They are on a mission to become the most recommended partner within mobility and parking solutions. Aimo Park is the leading parking company in the Nordic region, and are now on a journey to become a leading tech company as well.

During our collaboration with Aimo Park they went through a big transformation with new owners, collaboration between boarders and improving their IT landscape in the Nordic region. Ants had the opportunity to be a part of Aimo Parks exciting journey of growing their business, by helping them find tech talents and strengthening their employer brand. Today, they are continuing to scale up while finding new ways to rethink parking!

Recruitment process

To match the right company with the right competence, every recruitment process is adapted to optimize the needs of our clients. In our partnership with Aimo Park, our objective was to enhance the employer brand by establishing a great candidate experience while also ensuring we assessed the skills of everyone in process. Hence, we had an agile approach where we held weekly meetings so that we could assess and improve the recruitment process. Furthermore, we held a course in competence-based interview techniques, establishing a unison strategy among all hiring managers.

To begin with, we specified the requirements of each role and created compelling job advertisement, focusing on the unique aspects of each role. We then posted each role on their career page, LinkedIn and social media, optimizing the reach of each targeted group. Next, we sourced for candidates on different platforms, continuously updating and adjusting our keywords and in-mails to make certain we had a strong pipeline of candidates. We also conducted first screening calls where we presented Aimo Park and the role. Thereafter, Ants held first interviews, either competency or personality test based on each role, and continued coordination of the rest of the recruitment process while keeping candidate experience as a clear focus. In conclusion, Ants also developed preboarding in collaboration with Aimo Park, supporting newly employees feel welcome!

We also created a Employer branding video to show how it is to work at Aimo Park.


The collaboration resulted in 18 hires within different technical areas and departments. We hired in a variety of roles from Senior Developers to Product Owners as well as three executive positions: Head of Development & Operations, Head of Application Management and Head of Infrastructure, Support & Security.

What did Aimo Park think of our collaboration?

Thoughtsfrom Carolina Granat HR Director and Fredrik Hesse Technical Director.

What were your expectations from Ants?

”Take part of your network and know how to find the right candidates for the roles. Not only when it comes to competence, but also so that they would fit our organization, culture and gets excited over our challenges” – Carolina Granat, HR Director Aimo Park

Provide a solid recruiting process, with significant understanding of IT roles and their market.” – Fredrik Hesse, Technical Director Aimo Par

What were the success factors of our collaboration?

”Good collaboration. It really helped that you were inhouse in the beginning. You got to know our culture and got an understand of our business and assignments” – Carolina Granat, HR Director Aimo Park
”Sign the right people for each role. (quality) Keep within budget. (cost) Keep within the timeline. (time)” – Fredrik Hesse, Technical Director Aimo Park

Based on our collaboration, have you gained any new insights about recruitment?

”IT is a tough market, and you even more need to make sure that you have a clear EVP to create interest, act as quickly as possible and give feedback in all stages. How we manage the recruitment process affects our brand.” – Carolina Granat, HR Director Aimo Park

”Importance of pre-boarding document.” – Fredrik Hesse, Technical Director Aimo Park

”Good collaboration. It really helped that you were inhouse in the beginning. You got to know our culture and got an understand of our business and assignments”

Thank you, Aimo Park, for a wonderful collaboration!

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